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On this Independence Day

Today we celebrate our 70th Independence Day. Just like we have been celebrating on the 15th of August every year. We pin flags on our shirts, change our display pictures and status messages to patriotic themes, and wish everyone a very happy independence day. And everything else is just the same.

Yes, we do discuss and argue about political issues, social problems, economic issues. We talk about how things should actually be in our great country and how they aren’t. Why people responsible for working toward the betterment of the country simply aren’t. We feel let down and we get back to our jobs, blaming those we think are accountable.

But If we really think about it, our freedom fighters were normal citizens. Just like you and me. Bhagat Singh, Bharathi, V O Chidambaram, Tiruppur Kumaran may be lesser known names but their sacrifices for the country are non pareil. They sold their property, spent their lifetime and gave every ounce of their being for our country.

Yes, Maybe only a handful of our politicians are honest, diligent and work for the welfare of the country. But instead of blaming “the other citizens”, maybe let us try and do something, as small as can be, on our part for this amazing country.

Maybe, let us start with

1) planting a sapling in our garden/terrace/balcony or

2) car-pooling so we reduce the pollution in our area

3) choosing an Indian product over a foreign brand

4) Teaching our kids about India’s rich past and tradition, about our national leaders, instilling a sense of patriotism in them right from childhood.

5) Planting and encouraging ideas of unity, secularism, equality, honesty in our kids & school children we get to meet.

Just take a few minutes to think about this. Think of  ways you can contribute to the society – small, medium, or big. This is our country. And these maybe small deeds, but we all know the power of collective action.

Let Independence Day not just be a day, but a movement, to gradually weed out corruption, disparity, and injustice, hand in hand. Because We shall overcome someday and truly, Hamara Bharath Mahan.


Laziness Loves Me.

I don’t write anymore. Yes, It has been ages since I have written these sad, boring pointless stuff that nobody ever reads. I have become terribly lazy. And my life has become terribly pointless.

But I think I want to start writing again sometime. Atleast just so I do not forget how to spell words like ‘the’, ‘pffft’, ‘flatulence’ etc.

But, in another parallel universe, I have been doing some household stuff after all. I’ve been crocheting, trying out some paper quilling stuff. So I guess I can say I am not that lazy.

And here’s an old shoe rack that I converted into a book shelf today. Also, I am trying to modestly show off my batman bookends.


Am I becoming old?


The story of Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice in 60 seconds or less.

Take 2 super awesome heroes, turn them into school bullies and onto each other. Now throw in amma sentiment and bring them together (You can have ‘Brothers in arms’ play inside your head if you want). Have them fight together against a villain inspired by all the villains from Harry Potter, X-Men, even Marvel series. I want to say Star Wars but that would be very offensive to the siths. Anyway, all these in sequence, have a gorgeously dressed woman obscurely flitting in and out through the storyline. ( I loved her gold/bronze jewellery piece, and that is kinda all that I loved about her. For the weightage she had in the movie, that is like an extrememly positive review ) I think the only reason she was cast in the movie was coz someone prettier and sexier than Lois and Martha Wayne had to make an appearance. GirlPower!! Maybe also, to an extent, try and fight Doomsday and thereabouts.

So, that is pretty much all there is about the Batman v Superman : Yawn Dawn of Justice. Why Batman is so evil and mad at Superman, I don’t know. Daily Planet probably being the only newspaper the whole world reads, Kent could have easily crowned Superman with celebrity status. Why he did not do that? Don’t ask me. Why Lex Luthor has huge servers with classified data so out in the open that people can casually mistake it for a bathroom area, I fail to understand. There are a lot of things that are too much for my brain to process and find any logic.

So, I will just resort to gawking at Henry Cavill – He still has it in him. and then look at Ben Affleck and wonder how he could have aged so much – He doesn’t have it anymore.

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Dear Airtel 4G Girl.

Dear Airtel 4G Girl,

Hi. I think I speak for all of mankind when I say you USED to be one of our most loved persons in the recent years – from the day we first saw you till just a few months back.

You were this cute, sassy, charming girl on the rooftop of a picturesque sub-urban town plan. Brimming with so much confidence, you were the girl every teen wanted to be and every mother wanted her 2yo to grow up into.

If you had campaigned for a political party, girl, you would have had a sweeping victory. Have you had enrolled for the post of a school teacher, this generation’s literacy rate would have shot up to a 100%.

But did you do any of that, Airtel 4G Girl? No, you did not, and instead you chose to go from bowling alleys to beach resorts, music concerts to dormitories to movie theatres. Hounding innocent people and incessantly nagging them. Oh what you had become! And all the while you did not even realize that you were slowly turning into somebody that we wanted to run far away from. You went from awesome to terribly annoying in just under 2 months.

I feel sad, Airtel 4G Girl. I really do. I used to like you so much. But not anymore. I mute it when you come on TV between overs. I switch channels just to avoid hearing you say “joh. gol. nahi. hai”.
I think you need to stop, 4G Girl. For your own good. To an extent, for ours too. Okay, lets just say, for the greater good.


I remain, yours truly,