Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Programmer-wannabes

Check this out :

They say that this is a fun way to learn programming. Looks like you get points, rewards, trophies (and Ribbons?? ) when you’re done with a level and you get to share your achievements with your friends . You don’t need to sign up till they prompt you after a few lessons. And well, it’s only after you sign up that the sharing features work, I presume. So, probably, it will more like playing farmville than doing a boring programming tutorial, and that sure should be fun. If you ask me for a personal opinion, er.. I haven’t tried it. 😛
I just tried the start-up lesson. It only took a few minutes. And by the looks of it, It should be really good. Maybe you should check it out after all.

Oh, and did you notice that new option that YouTube has come up with so you can directly start the watch-together video hangout session? Much easy, right? Given that I haven’t even done a regular hangout before! What kind of friends do I have!!

Start a google+ hangout

Somewhere inside the mind, in Megan Fox voice : You know, that start a google+ hangout thing was a pretty smooth move.
* Oh dang! YouTube and google+ are siblings, aren’t they?*