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What if, what if right now they said that a T-Rex is loose and running wild in my neighbourhood. And people were being evacuated. I am wondering if I would immediately run as fast as I could to the safe assembly points and push over people to get onto the evacuation trucks/autos.
Or would I try and stay back for as long as possible just so i could see a dinosaur up close. Maybe just hide under a rock and touch it’s claw?

I guess I will pick option 2. Death by a theropod is better than death by old age.

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Bric-a-Brac Cabinet

I am getting older with each passing day. I no longer have fun theories and/or juicy gossips. (Not like I had any earlier anyway). So I am going to start using social media platform for the purpose it was primarily designed for, viz. Posting abundant pictures of self/babies/crappy-food-posing-as-gourmet. No, no.. The mice made Cats and Dogs their allies when they hired Magrathea to build the Earth. So, cat and dog images can and should be posted and re-posted and worshiped and adored. Compulsorily.

Anyways, So in my cozying up to social media, a line up of challenges await me.

  1. Baby Pictures – I don’t have a baby. Yet. Mind you. So I cannot post pictures of non-existent drool machines and come up with cool captions like “Isn’t he the chweetest baby in the world – opening his eyes like that?“. Yes darling, he is. Coz no other baby in the world can open its eyes. Oh, What the heck, do other babies have eyes at all!!
  2. Sexy Sambar Saadham Shots – Muscle memory has the hands digging into the food platter long before the brain can even think ‘Photo’. So, no Bokeh effect murukku – kaapi pictures. Not a chance in the world.
  3. Selfies – N.O. An unbreakable vow was cast. That-which-cannot-be-named shall never be done. NEVAAA EVA.

Faced with these obstacles, I have no other choice left. But this. I am going to post pictures of my bought, borrowed, or stolen bric-a-brac, books, fruitless arts & crafts attempts.

Let us begin.

The Starry Night on the Imperial Fritillaria.

This is a pair of ear studs that i bought recently and am totally in love with. I like paintings. I like the Renaissance era. I like watching comedy shows that may have an episode with a stolen painting story line. Do you see how closely I follow art? Good. So I bought these Vincent Van Gogh ‘The Starry Night’ ear studs. For a price so cheap you would think it would be a Wincent Van Ugh reproduction, but no! These are really cool and attracted some really flattering compliments.

Also, please note how I have cleverly placed the ornament on a copy of Van Gogh’s ‘Imperial Fritillaria’ . Jeez, thanks.

The post is over. Thanks for visiting… Wait… for it.

I already know what I am going to brag about next. Watch this space!

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Frivolously Yours, That Was The Week That Was

So the last fortnight saw, no, I couldn’t say a burst, perhaps a sliver of Spring. My roses started blooming in bunches. The Gundu Malli began to tassel out. I am super glad that the Red Oleander cutting is shooting up leaves in all directions. Super glad, because in the last 2 years and 8-9 trials, this is the first time an Oleander cutting has rooted for me.

I am also planning to pot native flowers. I have the blue and the white Pigeonwings, yellow and red Kanakambarams, lilac/purple and magenta December Flowers scattered in the backyard.  I will need to get them organized. It is weird (and sad) that my week’s worth of blog entry is just gardening update.  But then, I at least have something to talk about.

So,otherwise, when my hands weren’t dirty, I was reading Ngaio Marsh‘s Death in a White Tie. I always wanted to read her books, Queens of crime and all that. I do not remember why I chose to buy the seventh Alleyn novel instead of the first. Oh, I should say it was too good. I am gonna do the whole series. You should too.

I was also weaving in and out of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It has long been on my To-Read list and I will finish it by this week.

Also, I watched this 1972 movie Sleuth. I think I really really liked it.

I maybe 4 years late to listen to La La La – Naughty Boy ft. Sam Smith, But there you go, I admit it –  I am hooked to it. I found the “la la na na na… ” part so funny. It sounds like some 60’s Hindi filmi song prelude to a courtship dance or something. I thought it was so amusing and so funny that I started listening to it just so I could laugh out loud, and now I enjoy listening to it 4-5 times each day. It is now like my go to music for neck stretches.

And, song reco for the week to come: Let’s Be Still – The Head and the Heart.

So, that was most of the week that was…
Filled with petty little things,
And small bunches of spring.

I remain,
Frivolosuly yours,


Grumpy Girl Chronicles

What marriage does to humans.


Yes. I am sorry. I am as disappointed right now as you will be when you see this post, future me.
Yes, you, future me. Coz you’re probably and verifiably the only person following this blog.
Back to the apologies. Yes, I know it is lame. Maybe the lamest doodle of the year. Or the century. But that is all I could come up with.
Please enjoy.
Let me rephrase it.
Please, puh leez, pretend to enjoy.