Backyard Tales

Bird & Bamboo

So, here is this tiny bird that visits my bamboo thicket everyday.

I have no idea what this little birdie is. But it visits every evening. Sits on the bamboo and sways along with the branches like it is some kind of swing.


Birdie at the fall of dusk. I also think she sings. Yes, I would like to think it is a she. This is my blog.

Backyard Tales, Frivolously Yours

Today was a Brown Day.


First there was this big brown spider. I’m going to call it Polly since I always confuse Along came Polly with Along came a spider. So, now, this thieving Polly has one of my guppies in its web. Dead and dry. I have absolutely no idea how it could lure a fish to its nest. Although, any 10 yo can figure out that a kingfisher probably picked the fish up and dropped it and Polly hauled it from there. But come on, I like drama.. So. Oh My God!! How could a spider!!


Next is this cute Brown Caterpillar. I’m gonna call it Charlie. Because you know, Charlie Brown.