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That was the fortnight that was

I think That was the week that was would do better as a fortnightly column. For two reasons, 1. Nothing exciting happens in my life in such a short span as 7 days. 2. Barely anything happens in my life in such a short span as 7 days.

So, here I am, at the beginning of March – the days getting longer and the nights less colder. And before you know it, I will be sweating like a pig’s rear. Speaking of which, I actually have no idea how a pig’s rear looks like. Let alone a sweaty one. What we know is a drop, isn’t it?

A week back I saw one of the most beautiful things ever. I was on my way back home on a bus. The sun was pondering on setting and was glowing this beautiful red-orange. The bus passed by a stretch of paddy fields that had just been watered. The plants were young and short and the sun gleamed brilliantly in the water filled row spaces. It was inarguably the prettiest thing I’ve had ever seen. Like alternating strands of green & scintillating orange against a clear blue sky in the background. Beautiful.

I am going to move the post from Jediunderpants to this blog. Centralization measure.

Also, the civil war in Syria has aggravated and there are many innocent people dying everyday – Kids, babies. Gives me a stronger reason to not go back believing in God. Also gives me a stronger reason to hate myself. There are children in agony and pain – and here I am making playlists for the evening commute. God!

I hate that the world is a terrible place.

Frivolously yours,
I remain,

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