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Frivolously Yours,

First post of this year.
Every January I resolve to write more, better (read : less crappy) and frequently. But if it has taken me 29 days to write the first post then.. you do the math. Oh also, I have no idea what this post is going to be about So I’m just gonna wing it.
I think I need to blog frequently at least so I remember the wordpress password. I had to reset it again today.
Things have just been the same but yeah I finished 3 books already. Yeah I still love crime/thriller fiction like I am a stupid 20 y/o. And that is what I started the year with.
I read Jo Nesbo’s THE SNOWMAN. and Boy did I love it. I stayed awake till 3 in the night/morming reading it coz you know – Murder mysteries.

Goodreads link : The Snowman – Jo Nesbo

I also read Hugh Laurie’s THE GUN SELLER. It is an okay book. I wouldn’t say great because pretty much through the entire read, you are in this state where you are unsure if it is an amusing book or a thriller. Because it is funny! Come on, it is Dr. House for Pete’s sake. (Notice not taking the name of the Lord in vain here)
So Maybe House, sorry Laurie, tries to add a little too much humour that it kinda dilutes the thrill. Quite a handful of names to remember, but it was a good read overall.

The Gun Seller – Hugh Laurie

Weirdly, the third book was also a thriller. I don’t even know why I picked it up to read. Yes, I shamelessly admit that my James Bond knowledge & exposure is only limited to the movies and I have never read an Ian Fleming. But I love James Bond. I truly believe that James Bond & SpiderMan are the only two people who should be allowed to board a running train. No, not even Superman or Shah Rukh Khan. Ah, what am I saying. Superman aka Shah Rukh Khan.
So, the story is this. I picked up Anthony Horowitz’s ArkAngel. I think I would have loved it if I were a 15 y/o gal. But this 31 y/o brain & body I am trapped inside – Not really.

Ark Angel – Anthony Horowitz

On the flip side, I have been crocheting. At a glacial pace. Coz Come on, I still have like 40 more years to finish a coaster! I am doing these V-stitch Granny squares and crocheting them together into one piece – hopefully before I die.
Speaking of Grannies, I think the ones that invented these squares had really great bones. My fingers already ache so much after knitting say about 1.5 pieces of square(s) per week. But let me just brag by posting this picture.

And listen to this

mashup : Neha Kakkar – Mashup

This is on repeat right now.

Night. I remain, Frivolously yours, pH.

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