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Frivolously Yours, That was the week that was.

New Column: That was the week that was.

From  a political perspective, the last 2 weeks was like an adventure park trip for Tamil Nadu. News was the most watched TV program, Political memes were the most shared topics of social media. So much hustle!

And amidst the chaos, I spent my life one day at a time, in tedium and monotony. There was no hustle. Hardly anything happened.

However, the prime points of the fortnight, for my reference later and for the bored reader who made it till this line – Here I go.

  1. After the craving for old English setting storylines passed, I wanted to read something light and settled on Caroline Lawrence‘s Pirates of Pompeii. I liked how it did not demand remembering names and places, or knitting the eyebrows in concentration. It appealed to my mellow state of mind and I liked that. Now, I have decided that after every 3rd book, I am going to read a children’s book.
  2. After the Pirates, it was time to get back to being an adult and I started with “The Cup of Ghosts” by Paul C. Doherty. It is the first in the Mathilde of Westminster series. The only other PC Doherty book I have read is Nightshade – 16th book in the Hugh Corbett series. But it was a long while back, 2010 I suppose. I think that was what inspired me to read Historical mysteries. I think I need to complete at least one full series.
  3. The internet was having mood swings the last 2 months, what with Vardah, telephone cable repair work, etc. Now it is all fixed and I can use the internet unhindered. So I signed up for the Amazon Prime trial membership and have been digging Mozart of the Jungle. It is fun. S1E2 led me to this really nice song that I want to listen like forever and dance too! Aleh Ferreira‘s Pra nao parar de samba. I love it.
  4. There is another song that I have been listening to on repeat. Kannan Vandhu Paaduginran. Ilaiyaraaja magic.

Have a good week, y’all!!

I remain,

Frivolously Yours,