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On this Independence Day

Today we celebrate our 70th Independence Day. Just like we have been celebrating on the 15th of August every year. We pin flags on our shirts, change our display pictures and status messages to patriotic themes, and wish everyone a very happy independence day. And everything else is just the same.

Yes, we do discuss and argue about political issues, social problems, economic issues. We talk about how things should actually be in our great country and how they aren’t. Why people responsible for working toward the betterment of the country simply aren’t. We feel let down and we get back to our jobs, blaming those we think are accountable.

But If we really think about it, our freedom fighters were normal citizens. Just like you and me. Bhagat Singh, Bharathi, V O Chidambaram, Tiruppur Kumaran may be lesser known names but their sacrifices for the country are non pareil. They sold their property, spent their lifetime and gave every ounce of their being for our country.

Yes, Maybe only a handful of our politicians are honest, diligent and work for the welfare of the country. But instead of blaming “the other citizens”, maybe let us try and do something, as small as can be, on our part for this amazing country.

Maybe, let us start with

1) planting a sapling in our garden/terrace/balcony or

2) car-pooling so we reduce the pollution in our area

3) choosing an Indian product over a foreign brand

4) Teaching our kids about India’s rich past and tradition, about our national leaders, instilling a sense of patriotism in them right from childhood.

5) Planting and encouraging ideas of unity, secularism, equality, honesty in our kids & school children we get to meet.

Just take a few minutes to think about this. Think of  ways you can contribute to the society – small, medium, or big. This is our country. And these maybe small deeds, but we all know the power of collective action.

Let Independence Day not just be a day, but a movement, to gradually weed out corruption, disparity, and injustice, hand in hand. Because We shall overcome someday and truly, Hamara Bharath Mahan.