The story of Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice in 60 seconds or less.

Take 2 super awesome heroes, turn them into school bullies and onto each other. Now throw in amma sentiment and bring them together (You can have ‘Brothers in arms’ play inside your head if you want). Have them fight together against a villain inspired by all the villains from Harry Potter, X-Men, even Marvel series. I want to say Star Wars but that would be very offensive to the siths. Anyway, all these in sequence, have a gorgeously dressed woman obscurely flitting in and out through the storyline. ( I loved her gold/bronze jewellery piece, and that is kinda all that I loved about her. For the weightage she had in the movie, that is like an extrememly positive review ) I think the only reason she was cast in the movie was coz someone prettier and sexier than Lois and Martha Wayne had to make an appearance. GirlPower!! Maybe also, to an extent, try and fight Doomsday and thereabouts.

So, that is pretty much all there is about the Batman v Superman : Yawn Dawn of Justice. Why Batman is so evil and mad at Superman, I don’t know. Daily Planet probably being the only newspaper the whole world reads, Kent could have easily crowned Superman with celebrity status. Why he did not do that? Don’t ask me. Why Lex Luthor has huge servers with classified data so out in the open that people can casually mistake it for a bathroom area, I fail to understand. There are a lot of things that are too much for my brain to process and find any logic.

So, I will just resort to gawking at Henry Cavill – He still has it in him. and then look at Ben Affleck and wonder how he could have aged so much – He doesn’t have it anymore.


Maratha Flavours

As much as I would like to say that we went on a short trip to the Bahamas last week, it did not happen, and we went on a short trip to Bombay.

Yes, I know Bombay ( Mumbai, for all you sticklers ) is a city and not a “vacation” spot. But there is shopping and beach and that is what mostly matters. We did have a good time, although we were kinda cramped for time.

Okay,  the title “Maratha Flavours” is just a lure to get people to read this blog thinking that it is either a post about the delicious Marathi cuisine or a photography blog showcasing ancient Mid-Western Indian relics. Boo Ya!! But, seriously, please read on. Like really Please. You have no idea how euphoric I feel when my stats graph shows ‘1 reader viewed this post’.

Anyways, Coming back to Bombay, You know that image that pops into your head when someone says Bombay, right? Thanks to a lot of Tamil movies with “Bumbaai” cue scenes. A swarm/school/bunch of pigeons fluttering in front of the Gateway of India. It is, in fact, just like they show in the movies. and it looks totally pretty. And the proverbial Marine Drive lives up to why it became proverbial. (Which I do not know)

Also coming back from the Elephanta caves, the skyline looks so stunning leaning against the sunset. You would wish the sun just lingers behind those tall buildings forever. Chowpatty beach is pretty. From 100 metres away from the shoreline. The closer you get, the dirtier it becomes. Being a beach gal myself, ( 20 mins from the Bay (of Bengal), 24 in traffic, unlike West Covina, California with its complicated time complexity according to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) I have a great history with clear blue to clear-ish grey waters on my side of the country, and so the dirty brown water in Bombay wasn’t exactly great. But the ‘Fashion Streets’ made up for the loss. So many clothes, and so much bargaining. I got some really nice clothes for really cheap prices. Leopold Cafe was crammed and we couldn’t get seats so just had to sniff in the nice aroma and walk away.

This is not a travel blog, neither is it a food blog. So I am not going to write about the lovely places in and around Bombay or the super duper finger food from roadside stalls. Also I lost my mood to write. So this post ends here. But here are some pictures.