Some Music don’t fade

I think i first heard this a few years back in some store when I was shopping. Or probably window shopping, coz that is more like me. I memorized the tune and made a mental note to look up the song and make it my phone ringtone after I got home. But I forgot! Both the note and the tune. (Hey, note and tune… hehehe. Never mind. Friday night light headedness) Like it is something new anyway.

Anyway, (Hey, what do they call that literature thingy where they end with a word and start the next line with the same word?) Anyway, Now after 3-4 years, I heard it again in some store, window shopping. Some music are meant to be. You are destined to have them on your playlist. Now because we are the smartphone people that we weren’t 3 years back, Or atleast I wasn’t, I shazammed the music, downloaded it and brought it up on this great blog that millions throng everyday. Here, random citizen, this is for you. From my playlist to yours. With lots of love.

By the way, new crush. Balabhaskar. He is the guy that plays the violin in this track.
Ashok Selvan had to step down to make way. Sorry, AS. Nah, Doesn’t sound good. Sorry, Ash-Sel. Oh, No, No. Sorry, thegidi guy. Much much better.

Baseless rants, Growing pains


Six or seven years back, Some of my good looking college acquaintances displayed their first signs of bravery in the form of germinating mustaches. And gradually, with the stubble effect and all they were the local heartthrobs. Who knew then that one day they will turn into the balding, obese, pot-bellied fathers they are now.

Thinking of that, I remember a band that a few guys were in. Constant Change – that’s what they called themselves. I had nothing to do with Constant Change. Constant Change had nothing to do with my life either… wait for it… Till Now.

Like the teacher says “a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing”, I have moved past my refrain epoch to the embrace region on the timeline. Sometime soon I will probably change back to refrain mode again. Sigh, Change is constant. This dominant law of nature has now gripped my very life and I have changed, more than I had expected to.

Despite this!

I was so sure that never, never in my life will I ever like actor Vijay. He is insufferable on screen and I never liked his “coldness” off stage. It came out to me as swollen headedness and I hate show offs. I reserve the darkest corners of my heart for les miserables. If I had been jobless then, I would have definitely joined or created an anti-vijay campaign. But now, I don’t know. He is still the lamentable artist that he used to be, but I don’t really care anymore. He’s out of my hate sphere now. Probably Indifference sphere is where he went into. I have changed. Matured. Become more wise.

I also don’t mind idlis now. Even idlis with coconut chutney. I learnt to not say no to Horlicks. And, no, Bounty, I don’t hate you anymore.

Guess what. I don’t even hate the gooey babies anymore. Kids were kinda a big no-no. Three minutes is the max time i can spend with a baby. Then I get irritated. I can’t handle them after that. When my friends went “awwww … cutie-pieeeee” over these spit machines, I would go duh. But now, I can’t believe I am saying it, but yeah… Babies are cute. They make all funny, weird noises.. Their mouth has a nice tiny shape. Cute. Cutie-pies…

That’s what I have become. Changed. Matured. Become wiser. Perhaps, like a saint. Enduring all unbearable things.. and not hating any. Waiting for the halo, Lord. I am transformed.