Time Capsule. Sort Of.

I want this blog to be a kind of time capsule for me that I can look back after 10 years and go ROFL, Awwww *wipes away a tear*,  and Nooo, I Didn’t do that.

Okay, the first two lines do not have anything to do with what is coming next.

I was traipsing about the www, looking for some old children songs I had learnt as a child, of course. And I stumbled upon this

It has ‘Magic Of Love’, which was one of my most favorites 20 years back.

So, this post is like the pink sticky note on the fridge where I write good recipe websites. Yes, I am aware of the Bookmarks feature on browsers, and No, I have never gone and visited any of my bookmarked pages later. So, I prefer sticky notes, Thanks.

So, here is a note for the future me : Visit . You have to, pH. The                                                              children need these.

And I hope they don’t take the website down after 10 or so years. Like they do with most of the useful services. Oh Napster.