And, We Tripped into God’s own backyard.

I am back home after a short vacation to “God’s own country”. We had first planned for a trip to Goa. But the planning was so last minute, and no tickets. Plus, Goa was apparently very hot that week. So we turned the rudder towards Kerala. Trivandrum, Munaar, Chalakudy regions were already done, so Cochin and Allepey were zeroed in on for the week. Throughout the trip, I was wondering why men actually called Kerala God’s own country. Was it for the beautiful green landscapes with water anywhere you turn reminding you about God’s mighty creative hand? Or was it coz toddy, lottery and women in weird clothes were in abundance and every man felt like a god? I still wonder.
Chinese Nets - More of a decoration than real fishing equipment
Chinese Nets – More of a decoration than real fishing equipment

It was a short trip but very refreshing. The weather was awesome. Nightly rains, and the days were that perfect blend of wind and shade. After the pre-programmed visits to multiple churches, marine-drive drive, dysfunct chinese fishing nets in fort kochi, I happily spent the night watching back to back boring movies on KTV.

And the next day, In Allepey, we stayed on the proverbial boat houses. The food was excellent on board. [ Yes, ONBOARD. And I will stick to it ] . We “docked” at a place  that had almost 20 coconut palms per sq. ft. Yes, dummy, that is an exaggeration. But it was almost that, almost. Dark, breezy nights, Coconut leaves swaying in the air along with 300-400 floating houses lit with mild yellow lights. The view was fantastic. The huge Vembanad lake was like the sea and It felt like a page out of Christie’s A Caribbean Mystery. Just minus the murders.

The following day and the pockets of my shorts were filled with beach sand from Allepey. That beach was beautiful. Clean, almost deserted, and high tide-d – just the way I like it. There was a long metal structure that extended into the sea. Eaten away in places by salt, and rusted so much that the nuts and bolts looked molten into one metal piece, It looked so beautiful. I badly wanted to somehow walk into the sea holding it. Yeah, I am that stupid sometimes.

Beautiful Crashes
Beautiful Crashes
Anyways, we had to get back home after some shopping. It was very revivifying, like it was a short trip to God’s own backyard, really.
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More of You, and Less of me

After self-sufficiency got the better of me, my prayer time dwindled down and my love for the Bible kinda simmered. My prayers remain frequent, but they are usually that my hair looks kinda good and so Please, don’t let it rain. Oh I am late, Please Lord, let the pani-poori anna have some left. Oh this sari is suffocating, Please make them announce a half-a-day off. Lord, I know I shouldn’t have worn these high heels. Please, don’t let me trip. So, I think, those don’t really count. Also, I usually come out as rude. And mean. And lately, these vices have become strong. Ooh, The bad wolf has probably been feasting. And I am the kind that finds it a bit difficult to love people.

Being with Jesus pushes you beyond yourself to love, give, and forgive. But the last coupla years, I have been famine struck and my tree hasn’t borne any of the fruits. It is not like I cut myself off totally like the Prodigal Son – Flee with a good share of blessings and then squelch wet mud with pigs. No, no, not that. Maybe slightly, but not totally. It has been more like an on and off affair. Maybe it is time I start thinking seriously. Oh, the Father’s House.

Jesus, apart from being God-Man, omnipotent/scient/present and all that, is the coolest person ever to have walked the Earth. I mean, who has the cheek to talk back like that to those swollen headed Pharisees and then at Golgotha show the other cheek? One of my friends once said : “Some people think Jesus had weak principles. But they are wrong. It is far easier to rebel and fight back than to show the other cheek”. True that, buddy.


When I read the life of Jesus, throughout the gospels, it amazes me – His personality. I can only stand in awe. Man, He is super cool. All the coolness of Dhoni, Kohli, Hugh Jackman, CR7-okay,long-list, put together would still cower for want against Jesus’s. And such a person woke up early everyday to pray. He empathized with people, moved around with compassion. If, to Jesus, those things were central and important, a way of life, then oh boy, those really need to be so and more to me.

The Ponytail double

I remember, when in school, I used to wear double ponytails like Old David Beckham’s. I used to braid my hair in multiple pig tails in college coz that’s what Jack Sparrow did. (His hair being longer than mine is not the argument I want to take up now) I wear Superman, Batman, Smurfette and Elmo Tees to dinners. Though I do not have the guts for a full arm tattoo like Dale Steyn’s, I am positive I will get inked maybe around my left wrist before my skin begins to completely resemble my grandma’s.

Boy, hear me talk! I follow the style statements of fictional super heroes from non-existent places and sock muppets with no voices and nothing of JC! There, another coat of whitewash on the tomb. Jesus, I claim, is my superhero and I barely do anything to show solidarity with Him.

Maybe I’ll start praying properly again. Sincerely. For others. Maybe I’ll begin to have sympathy and love. If it was cool enough for Jesus, well then, Wind in my sails…