Baseless rants, Growing pains

Trimming the wick.

It has been quite some time since I wrote. I learnt the art of converting rantings into first-person-advices and hose down unsuspecting humans. So, the necessity for a rant-vent kinda faded away. But yes, I wanted to write. 

A few days back I had a huge-ish fight with BamBam and I think he isn’t ever going to forgive me. My head got crazy and like the snakestafarian hair of Medussa’s, I hissed and spat. My bad. I lost a friend who would laugh at the dumbest of my jokes just to make me happy. So, I am in mourning. And I thought that opened a window of opportunity to visit my blogville home that I had not stopped by in quite a few months.

So, what do I write about? I don’t know. Right now, there are no shareable life-theories in my arsenal. Earlier, not many ( =none) had the patience or the time to listen to my well tested and quase-proved theories. Well, Circle of Life! Now, but now, I have 89 lab rats that I can command. When I don’t have the time to publish my ideas in a blog-post format, I corner a rat, and riddle the poor creature with all the ammo available in the brain, garnishing it with assorted anecdotes from my past and a few cooked up ones. 

This drill kinda removes the urge to share it with the world via wordpress.

So, yeah, I don’t have anything to write about now.

I’m gonna go now and grab a rat.