Baseless rants

Your Friendly Neighborhood Super-Spidey-Gal!

*Tiskool… Tiskool* Yee-Haw *Tiskool*

What are you gaping at, vermin?
Behold the new super hero(ine) of the decade. The next entrant in Marvel’s Avengers II. The power that will save planet Earth from the zombie apocalypse and/or krypton poisoning.


Hey, I’m serious.

I had just entered the gates after dropping off ma at work. I was about to turn off the bike’s ignition when I felt something wiggle/twitch near my left calf. I hurried to shake it off and plop, out fell this big spider. Thankfully there was a broom nearby and the spider had to breathe its last.

After demise
After demise


I think it was the hugest spider I have ever seen. Also, the hugest spider I have had running on my leg. Okay, now this blog post is about the super-spideyness reaction on me, and let’s focus on that. So, I think the spider bit me. Or maybe licked me. Or atleast spat.
Though I haven’t had any itching near my toes or feelers sprouting out on the palm-side of my thumb, I am sure something happened. Something should be happening!

Maybe right now, a part of my DNA is being replaced by a part of the super-spidey’s DNA? and in 2 more days I am going to be swinging from all the buildings in Tidel Park? Oh, I will, and you, random citizen, will see it!

Spider-woman is a bad name. No, I am not that old. Spider-lady? UGh.. yuck. Something more groovy… How about Poached-Super-Spidey? Eh?


Harken! Harken!

This is a song you have to have to listen to.

This Lana Del Ray lady has some haunting effect on your minds. You have to listen to it.

Also, check out 

by the same Lana Del Ray. Feels like ‘Young and Beautiful’ kinda continues from the Video Games

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Frivolously Yours,

Time for me to be frivolous. Again.

Here is some frivolous news. I Quit Work. Yeah, I did. I made myself believe the useless lie of becoming a ‘useful person’ in this ‘sojourn’ life. Find more time, to read more Bible, to get involved more in church, to make some difference in the lives of people, and finally save the day. Yeah, I kidded myself into quitting work.

So here I am, saving the day, for myself and for you all.


And, So here I am, saving the day, for myself and for you all. Got it, now?


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The Strange Case of Dr Grace and Mr Grace

Grace is free. But Grace is too free.
Grace is awesome. And, Grace is unfair.
Grace is comforting, and also, frustrating.
Grace humbles.. Grace wrecks the nerves.
Grace overwhelms. Grace annoys.
Sometimes Grace is unbearable.

I wish I wasn’t so bad. So judgmental. So.. ummm.. horrible.
I am like that vineyard labourer in the parable Jesus told. The grumpy worker who got what he was promised. The grumpy worker who didn’t like that someone else TOO got what he had gotten. Someone, who in the eyes of the grumpy worker wasn’t deserving of that.

Grace has a dissociative identity disorder. Really.
I remember reading somewhere : “Love is the best thing in the world. Till it happens to your daughter.”
Grace is pretty much the same. When it happens to me, it is the most astounding, most incredible thing ever. But when it happens to the smelly lady standing next to me in the bus, You monstrous Grace!

When something good happens to someone i think is not good enough, I see the disfigured face and the deformed arms of Mr. Grace.

She has perfect hair. That guy, that sore loser, he gets paid more than I do. For crying out loud, She got onto the bus just now, she got a seat. I am still standing. Sweating. Swearing.

Curse you, Grace.

Maybe it isn’t Grace’s fault. It is probably mine. Okay, it IS mine.
But then… But still.. I am only human, no?

May I be saved from trifles. May I be saved from envy. May I be saved…
After all, it can’t be Saving Grace for nothing.

Let Grace Abound.

P.S: It feels weird addressing Grace as Mister. Grace always felt like a lady. Graceful and all, Kapish?

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I did a Jeremiah!

So, yesterday, I was at Dakshin Chitra on the ECR (Please google it. I am not writing a travel guide). Dakshin -> South, Chitra -> Potrait. So, in short, it is a park/place displaying the heritage of South India. And yeah, you should go.

Okay, I was there, and guess what! I, for one, think Dakshin Chitra is older than they say it is. Much much older. Probably it existed during the Old Testament times. Coz there I found this. Yes, yes, this!

I am here, God, Where’s the message??