Baseless rants, Growing pains

My Life and Times with the Local George Clooney.

George Clooney is here.

Miss Marple’s ability to find parallels in people has rubbed off on me and I have just realized how Name-Withheld-For-Security-Reasons (Nwfsr [Nwe-f-ser], from now on) and George Clooney are strikingly similar.

Okay, maybe not exactly.

Alright, slightly greyed sideburns are the only thing(s) Nwfsr and Clooney have in common. Hey, no, coming to think of it, there are two more. The 2nd one being the fact that they are both married. Atleast once. And thirdly, they are both heavily, heavily attractive.
So there is my very own, local George Clooney just a sneeze’s distance from me.
So Near and yet So very far.

Anyway, i wouldn’t say that I fancy Nwfsr. Mostly because there is an off chance my dad might read this post and sign me up for counselling sessions at church if I did. Also minorly because I found out only yesterday that he has a kid.

I’d rather Nwfsr is my inspiration for going to office everyday. Like, when George Clooney is on TV, you get all excited and say “Boy, it’s got Clooney! I gotta watch this”. Similarly, I wake up every morning and tell myself “Boy, Nwfsr will be in the office. I gotta go to work”.

Now that is an inspiration.

Come on, In addition to 5 mugs of rich, dark, amazing coffee, non-firewalled internet access, a cozy cubicle with a great view, every human needs that extra driving force, right?

In other words, That attractive force…

Well, that is Nwfsr to me.

Nwfsr deserves to live for a 1000 years and more.
But just incase he dies after some 70 years or so, I will, by the powers vested in me, inscribe in his headstone

Nwfsr – Husband. Dad. George Clooney.

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