Baseless rants, Growing pains

Less than 48 hours and counting…

So, yeah. This is my penultimate day at work here. Two years and a coupla months and now I am shifting to another company. Two years is a really long time. More so when it is a small company, with direct taunts from the
boss-es, too much nose poking into personal stuff, and a forcible metamorphosis into a workaholic. But then I think this was one of the best places to make some of the best friends.

The two years here was awesome. We’ve shared thoughts, jokes, fights and food. (‘Shared fights’? Stupid, but what the heck, sounds nice.)

In this current workplace, we are real friends who are colleagues. I mean, that even if we cease being colleagues we would still be good friends. And my project for the last 1 year. Oh boy, that was so much fun. It is laughter about 4 hours. Everyday. Well, almost.Whoa, those are a lot of memories!

Of course, moving to a bigger workplace will have its own benefits. Like a gym, a nap room, which I have purposed in my heart (yeah, yeah, the same thing Danny said) to hit at least twice everyday. But dunno if it will be so much fun.

So Long, Amigo!

Don’t think that when I quit work there I will feel even half as bad as I do here. Now.