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The Pilgrim’s Digress

Yeah, that is what people would have thought. A couple of weeks back, three actually, we packed stuff a Friday night, slept for around 6 hours and hit the road somewhere around 5 in the morning. We were off to Tanjore. Yes, I do know that Tanjore is not exactly the kind of place people would be going for a “summer break”, but that was where we were headed anyway.

Pa desperately wanted to go somewhere. (And in dad’s vocab, Somewhere = Allepy). But mom had other ideas. She wanted to stay at home. And can dad do anything against the will of The  Mother? So we dropped the summer break plan altogether. Then Friday, beats me what happened, but mom called me at work and said we were going to Tanjore, and the surrounds that weekend. Tanjore is hotttt. Any time of the year. And ask ye not about the surrounds!  Anyway, who am I to question the dignitaries. And that is why I had to wake up at 4:30 am on a freaking SATURDAY MORNING 3 weeks back!

But honestly, it wasn’t that bad after all. I mean, I like history, architecture and stuff. Love them, actually. Just maybe not on a scorching summer day. But yeah, The drive was fun. It is always. Okay, I am cutting out all the nice travel parts and going straight to the Tanjore temple visit so I can post pictures from there. In a way it was really a welcome break, a break to break me away from some evil conspirators that are pecking at my life right now.  By the evil conspirators  I might be referring to all the relatives who have been – suddenly – displaying an unquenchable enthusiasm in getting me married off… and/or people at work who I assume are always making jokes and laughing at the sad dork that I am.

The temple is gorgeous, really. It felt so amazing to be standing on ancient ground which held the footprints of the Chola Kings. I had goosebumps. It is not a very tall temple. It is big and WIDE. So wide that the shadow of the temple does not fall on the ground. Now that was superb. I am not going to write descriptory stuff bout it coz you might find a better one on wiki. And, I would highly recommend you read it.

So, after Tanjore, we went to Kumbakonam. Told you people would have thought we were on a weekend pilgrimage. ( <- This line was written just so the ‘Pilgrim’ part of the title would make sense). After that, we stopped at a bird farm/park/whatever but definitely not a cage. (<- This line was written so the ‘Digress’ part of the title would make sense. Yes, I know… Never mind. 😐 ).  Then we wen to Poompuhar (bought some really awesome dry fish), dropped by Pondicherry beach on the way back and got home Sunday night.

I’ll write about that later (or maybe never) coz now I have to go eat dinner. Call of duty.

Bon Appetit.

Ancient Tamil Script

At Night
Pondy (Not Bondi) Beach

Tanjore temple

Dry Fish @ Poompuhar
Pondy on the way home.

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