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Way To Begin

Dear God,  it’s me again down here. Don’t wanna sound insincere…
I’m lost. Sometimes you’re so unclear.
What can I do? I am feeling so far from you. 
Frustrated, Irritated, Disconnected from it all..

Exactly what I would copyright as ‘PoachedHens’s Ranting Lines‘ right now if only Krystal Meyers hadn’t written it like ages ago.

The last time I heard the song would be a year back. Wow.
And the first time would be 4 years back. Wow, Wow.
And I can still sing it without having to fumble for words or look up metrolyrics. Wow, Wow, Wooow!

And yet, I cannot post a YouTube link of that song right now. Coz I am at work. And YouTube is blocked in this hellhole. No. No Wow here now.

Anyway, If any of you read this post before I get home this evening (the possibility of which is negative) and update the video link, Please ask my friend Google.
The code is Way to Begin Krystal Meyers. Yeah, he will understand that.

Way to Go, Krystal!
And good listening y’all.


March 14, 2012. 10:30 pm. Home.

Just because I am a promise keeper, here is the YouTube link



4 thoughts on “Way To Begin”

      1. so sad Dosth…… 😦
        my office firewall is fortunately allowed it for me!
        so i became that luckiest person to share that link 😛 😀


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