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Piercing The Darkness

I just finished Frank Peretti’s ‘Piercing The Darkness‘.

This Present Darkness
This Present Darkness

I had read This Present Darkness some two – three years back. Oh Boy, I loved it. It is a great book. The power of prayer, the mighty angels, the glorious hand of God. Amazing! Totally loved it.

Piercing The Darkness
Piercing The Darkness

I honestly don’t know why I took so long to read the second. Piercing the Darkness is just cool.  It is the story of a Sally Roe – a recluse and ex-con… The mysterious attempt on her life, the church and school at Bacon’s Corner, the link between Sally’s past and the little town’s future.

And guess what, Marshall Hogan from the first book also comes to Bacon’s Corner’s help. Plus Sally Roe gets to go to Ashton and meet some of our old friends there!

It is really a nice plot. And to top all that, my favorite characters – Tal, Guilo, Nathan and the host of heaven. Love, love, love them!

If you haven’t read them yet, I think you just have to. And now.

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