Sea Breeze and Burnt Toes.

I was supposed to be working today. But the day wasn’t destined to be wasted away coding and wrinkling my eyebrows in frustrating thought trains. So I ended up in Mahabalipuram. And it shall go down in history as a day well spent.

Waters never cease to thrill me
Waters never cease to thrill me.
Basking in... speechlessness.
Basking in... speechlessness.
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Way To Begin

Dear God,  it’s me again down here. Don’t wanna sound insincere…
I’m lost. Sometimes you’re so unclear.
What can I do? I am feeling so far from you. 
Frustrated, Irritated, Disconnected from it all..

Exactly what I would copyright as ‘PoachedHens’s Ranting Lines‘ right now if only Krystal Meyers hadn’t written it like ages ago.

The last time I heard the song would be a year back. Wow.
And the first time would be 4 years back. Wow, Wow.
And I can still sing it without having to fumble for words or look up metrolyrics. Wow, Wow, Wooow!

And yet, I cannot post a YouTube link of that song right now. Coz I am at work. And YouTube is blocked in this hellhole. No. No Wow here now.

Anyway, If any of you read this post before I get home this evening (the possibility of which is negative) and update the video link, Please ask my friend Google.
The code is Way to Begin Krystal Meyers. Yeah, he will understand that.

Way to Go, Krystal!
And good listening y’all.


March 14, 2012. 10:30 pm. Home.

Just because I am a promise keeper, here is the YouTube link



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Piercing The Darkness

I just finished Frank Peretti’s ‘Piercing The Darkness‘.

This Present Darkness
This Present Darkness

I had read This Present Darkness some two – three years back. Oh Boy, I loved it. It is a great book. The power of prayer, the mighty angels, the glorious hand of God. Amazing! Totally loved it.

Piercing The Darkness
Piercing The Darkness

I honestly don’t know why I took so long to read the second. Piercing the Darkness is just cool.  It is the story of a Sally Roe – a recluse and ex-con… The mysterious attempt on her life, the church and school at Bacon’s Corner, the link between Sally’s past and the little town’s future.

And guess what, Marshall Hogan from the first book also comes to Bacon’s Corner’s help. Plus Sally Roe gets to go to Ashton and meet some of our old friends there!

It is really a nice plot. And to top all that, my favorite characters – Tal, Guilo, Nathan and the host of heaven. Love, love, love them!

If you haven’t read them yet, I think you just have to. And now.

Baseless rants, Growing pains

Should I sue Keats?

It is really tough being a girl. And a plain looking one at that.

Ask me why?

Coz that makes you an easy easy drug addiction victim, thanks to Keats.

Yes, you read it right. I shalt explain now.

Darn, these good looking girls around!
At work!! In the bus!!! In the bus stop!!!! Aaaargh!!!!! x-(

Enter Low Self Esteem. [Alright, with a shade of jealousy ( To hell with honesty. *Close inner parenthesis* *Close square bracket… Close Asterisk symbol.
(Okay, that close parenthesis, square bracket stuff – that might just be me in my very worst sense of humor. A side effect of the creeping low self esteem probably, because otherwise I am extremely funny)

Now, back to case in point. I really appreciate beauty. I do. I like it when things / people look good. I admire it / them. Pretty things and pretty people are nice. They make the day brighter and happier, I know.

But, argh, God! Can I too please please become good looking so I – and the whole world – can celebrate and enjoy my beauty?

Keats said “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”, right?  I am not asking to be Megan Foxish, really… But just a lookable femme*… Er, lookable-more-than-once femme**?
Come on, I am not asking to be beautiful with selfish motives.  I just want to bring joy to the lives of people around. Just want to make the world a happier place to live in.

Is that too much asking?

Did you say Yes?

But that is plain unfair. Cruelly unfair.

This world is so evil. and tough. and cruel.

Oh I can never bring joy to the people I belong with.
Oh, what can I do?!
Oh, Keats, I wish I could die!

Hmmm? What did you say? Drugs? They’d make me feel good?

Yeah? You highly recommend that?


Distant voice :

I told you so…
It is really tough being a girl. And a plain one at that.

Ask me why?

Coz that makes you an easy easy drug addiction victim, thanks to Keats.


*, ** : Femme in French, and not what suggests