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Boy, This should be one powerful tool! Bring it on, code maintenance.

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Scabbers slash Wormtail slash Stray Rat

For Christmas last year I was trying to get the tree and the nativity scene set up.
Rummaging through the remains from the previous year’s decoration, guess who I came across?
                         Peter Pettigrew MIV

Okay, I don’t know if this thingie is a rat or a mouse. Just like I don’t know the diference between them.
For all I care, It was cute and I wanted to have it and my mom just wouldn’t agree! x-(
I had to let him out in the garden, and I just sincerely hope he isn’t turning in his grave now.

Anyway, without further ado, I present to you,
The great-great-grand-great-grand son of the late Monsieur P. Pettigrew – death eater, traitor, and dumb loser. (In the case that the creature in the photograph is a rat) or his 32nd cousin thrice removed if the creature is a mouse.

Okay, whatever! I know. So, I am skipping to the part where I get to display the incredible picture quality of my phone’s camera. Look, Look.

*Audience cue card : Tilt head sideways. Say “Awwww…”*

Baseless rants

Castle Quickline 500 – My new love.

Oh boy, Addiction is awesome. Addiction to the smell of a whiteboard marker, pure awesome. This amazing feeling that you cannot live without something… the feeling that fills every single cell of your body. Mmmmm… I am in love with Castle Quickline – 500 whiteboard marker. I think I might die if I don’t smell it once every 3 minutes.

No, it’s not like this is the first time in my life that I have come across a white board marker. But a Castle Quickline 500? Yes.

I first found CQ-500 (as it shalt fondly be called henceforth) lying at Bapuji‘s desk at work some days back.

First instinct : Smell.

First reaction : Get transported to paradise.

Remember that scene from Ratatouille? When Remy puts that bit of cheese in his mouth and then the strawberry, and then there is sparkling fireworks in the distant sky and magnificent explosions in the mouth.
Ah, now I know how it feels.

CQ-500 is incredibly amazing. I would gift the guy I marry with a cologne made from CQ-500. Would buy myself a perfume that smells like it. And shampoos and soaps too… And perhaps make a sundae with some CQ-500 flavored ice cream.

Okay, bye for now, time for a sniff. And there is a picture of CQ – 500 for ya!

My adorable CQ - 500... *deep inhaling noise*

Fall Again – Kenny G, Robin Thicke

The 3rd track in the album ‘Heart and Soul’  by Kenny G is Fall Again.  It is performed by Robin Thicke and this was the first time I heard the song. There is an MJ version of this song and a  Glenn Lewis cover in Maid in Manhattan. Personally I liked the Robin Thicke version the best. Check it out.

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Inhale.. exhale.. Inhale.. exhale.. Screeeaam!

(Somewhere around 16:30)

Okay, this is the first time I am writing without thinking about what to write. Or should it be this is one of the many times I am writing without thinking about what to write?

Okay, whatever… But the thing is, right now, someone has come home to see us. see ME! Oh I am freaking out! They have come over to assess if I am suitable to marry their nephew.. Oh Lord! Phew..   Okay, i am overhearing – fine, eavesdropping – from my room.

They are in the hall.  Phoo.. Phhoo (That is yours truly breathing hard )



They called me before I could publish the entry above and now I am back, after serving bondas, coffee and looking stupid. No I am not writing down first impressions here.  Errr.. I am still freaking out and feeling infinitely stupid.


Post-publishing/publishment Note : Is there any point at all in this post?