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My Tata Docomo Commercial

I am reposting some of the blogspot posts I’ve had written some / a long time back. This one was written May 19, 2010. You can find the others at ( though I really cannot come up with a reason why you should.)


Most of you would have seen that Docomo commercial, the interview one for MySong. I like it. And today, I lived it! I had an interview with a really good company (Not mentioning name for fear of losing my job 😉 ). I had already taken those ap-tests and stuff, with no prior preparation obviously. and I got selected. What!! The way the recruiter spoke to me over phone yesterday, I thought there was only going to be a direct interview involving non-technical details. I go to the office today and take my seat with 5-6 people waiting for the interview. Good heavens! Except for me and a totally-drenched-in-sweat guy, everyone is poring over books. I feel like crap, honestly. I didn’t even know there was a technical round. Awesome!

I am in the lounge… partly thinking of walking out. I haven’t seen my text books in like ages. And with a memory span like mine – God, I am done. I just say – Lord. Listen. I don’t know anything. Do whatever you want. Serious. I didn’t even ‘Amen’ the prayer, now I remember. The tech-round-person calls me in. * When was the last time I attended an interview? Two years back. What!! And this person has smartness smothered all over his face. Great! *. It began like sort-of okay. He asked me about my college projects and my work stuff in Brazil. So far, so good. *Can I leave now????*

Uh unn… There starts the commercial. He starts with all these nice little basic things. For most questions I answered what would have been the most logical thing to do. Like what would you do when your browser window hangs?
Me: I will end the process in the task manager.
He: What if it all freezes?
Me: I will force power off and restart.

Then, we went on to Level 2. What is the difference between a worm, a trojan and a virus. I define them the way I want and give a totally crap answer that includes ancient Greece, Troy and Achilles. “Mmmm….” He smiles. *Can I leave now????* .

He: Okay, let’s talk about Safe mode. Why do we use it? How do we use it?
Me: ummm… I would press F8.. *Please let it be F8, Lord*… and.. ummm… I use it when my installed OS has some problems.. and ummm.. I want to rectify them.. and.. ummm… in a much less.. ummm… *what word is that. heck.*.. you know, functionality thing, you know… *Technical terms, to hell with you*…

He: Okaaayyyy, ( still smiling in a way that made me look like an idiot )… Now I am almost sure the interview is over. I want to get out of this place before he takes me for a total idiot. But then, most wishes don’t come true when you want them to. aaaarrgh!! The questions that followed, I have no idea wat they were. Some words rang a faint bell somewhere inside the cranium. probably from the occipital lobe – it was pretty distant. *oh man, oh man.. that word.. from the 4th sem.. *… And for ALL the questions after that, I had one standard answer. No, three, actually.

1. errr… I am not sure, sir.
2. I.. I.. I don’t exactly remember now, sir
3. ummm… that.. I don’t know, sir

*Can I leave now? puh leez… 😦 *

He: (looks at my resume) How may I call you?
Me: *Romba mukiyam!!* Sharon, sir.. *started to fake it, but ended up smiling honestly*. I like it that way. 🙂
He: can you wait for some time Sharon? You can take the next round.
Me: Thank you, sir (Like I knew I would clear this round)

Out of the Discussion room… and me, to self – Oh My God.. Oh My God.. Oh My God.. What are you, Lord! Even I wouldn’t have hired myself! Are you doing this Docomo thing on me coz you know I like the ad??

I got the job… and I am still clueless how.. 🙂